Olay White Radiance Series- CelLucent Formula

As the Olay Regenerist Series is for the anti-aging advanced cell regeneration, this Olay White Radiance Series addresses the skin lightening, translucency and hydration which assist women to make their skin lighter by achieving the full effect of CelLucent Fairness ( fairness that glows within ).

The new lightening/whitening formula from CelLucent Complex is claimed to work at deeper level of skin where treatments such as chemical peeling, micro-dermabrasions and injections fail to achieve. The formula from CelLucent Complex is equiped
" The formula from CelLucent Complex is equiped with the “twin action” of 2 inventive lightening elements"
with the “twin action” of 2 inventive lightening elements, namely the niacinamide and sepiwhite, to prevent the formation of melanin. The CelLucent complex is also said to reduce hyperpigmentation, enhanced moisture level production, lightening of tone and acceleration of exfoliation. The Olay White Radiance White Essence CelLucent, a milky appearance come with light texture of serum and lotion, is said to provide excellent skin lightening effects , hydration, luminosity and translucency. On the other hand, the Olay White Radiance White Cream CelLucent is a day cream gel encompassing the new technology from “shape memory gel” that creates a layer of moisture, filling and moisturizing out the surface of the skin evenly.

The White Radiance Series has a total of 9 products Make skin brighter with Olay White Radiance Series - CelLucent Formulaaltogether at this point of writing:

• White Radiance White Cream CelLucent ( new )
• White Radiance White Essence CelLucent ( new )
• White Radiance Ultra UV Blocker SPF 50 PA+++ ( new )
• White Radiance Fairness Whitening and Soothing Mask CelLucent™
• White Radiance Purifying Foaming Cleanser
• White Radiance Night Whitening Cream
• White Radiance Eye Brightening Serum CelLucent™
• White Radiance Spot Corrector
• White Radiance Intensive Brightening Serum CelLucent™

Did You Know? When choosing for moisturizer, water-based is better for acne prone and oily skin whereas oil-based is more suitable for sensitive, dry and older skin


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