The reason this beauty and skincare site was created was not for prestige, but simply some coincidences and events that ‘triggered’ me that it was about time to publish so that readers could benefit from it. I have always enjoyed writing ideas and discoveries in my faithful log book/journal. I managed to keep thousands of pages on lesson learned, product tested, countries that I have visited, lifestyles and notes of life. Grabbing a pen and writing them on a log book is one thing, publishing them on internet is another trick yet to be accomplished.

My relationship with this site ( http://howto-makeyour-skinlighter.blogspot.com ) is love/hate. For a non programmer like me, the tweaking of the HTML codes alone had almost caused me to give up, let alone the formatting and publishing works. However, I am astounded by the brilliance of the internet that can make life much easier and the amazing publication potential if used correctly.

Final word, this site has rewarded me back almost nothing, except some intrinsic satisfaction and inspiration which I must admit, but more than anything, it bought me an EDUCATION.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions ABOVE so that we can help others to get to the truth! Cheers and stay positive!
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