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Check out this newly launched Skinz UV White Intensive Skin Brightening Facial that contains the special Radiant-Gene Activator, a potent combination of Lipo-vitamin C extract that lighten your skin cells while protecting your skin’s DNA.

This 21st century is all about restoring youthful looking and health - whether by applying sunblock / sunscreen, joining at fitness / gym center
" The Skinz UV White is a new whitening product range that integrate nature with Japan cutting-edge technology "
for yoga and treadmill or going under a knife. They all share one thing in common, they are easily accessible. In this century, unlike those old days, you can now easily find gym centers come with full equipment range at your area and people walk in to go under a knife just like walking in for a nail polishing / haircut. This Skinz UV White Intensive Skin Brightening Facial has Radiant–Gene Activator concentrate in its recipe, claimed to provide skin with 3 levels of deeper skin lightening by:

• Penetrates deeply into skin cells to prevent the formation of melanin
• Absorbed deeper into the heart of skin cells to protect DNA from the damaging UVA/UVB from the UV
Make your skin lighter with the hesperidin - antioxidant originated from citrus fruits that can effectively
  reducing dark spots and skin pigmentation

To summarize this, the Skinz UV White is a new whitening product range that integrate nature with the Japan cutting-edge technology to provide the ultimate solutions.Skinz UV White Actually there is a difference between a sunblock and a sunscreen and their meaning often misinterpreted and used interchangeably. Sunblocks typically contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide and they act as a physical shield / barrier. They sit on top of the skin and reflects the solar rays away. Whereas, for sunscreens, they are chemicals UV shields. They penetrate into the skin tissue and when lights hit, it creates a reaction that neutralize the radiation.

Did You Know? Apart from skin cancer, solar rays exposure is also a major cause for wrinkles. Solar rays alter your skin cells and DNA which then release the free radicals which weaken the skin’s elastin and collagen. These are the same stuffs that people spend thousands of dollars injecting back to their faces with varying success.


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