CyberWhite Brilliant Cells BB Crème SPF 35 - 3/4

The much awaited Estée Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells brightening range was actually revealed in February year 2011, which is one year later after the launching of the successful CyberWhite EX range. The 4 cutting-edge ’anti-spot’ technologies bestowed by CyberWhite Brilliant Cells range ( family ) are the:

• Surface Faint Spots
The powerful Melanin Interception Technology will remove the dullness due to hyperactive Histamine effects which can cause faint spots. These faint spots are the culprits for dull skin appearance. Estée Lauder has actively continued its exploration of pathways that correlate to formation of Melanin and today, their scientists have made a new discovery linking the chronic irritation to stress and Histamine release. This new discovered pathway is the reason for the hyper proliferation of Melanin.

• For Stubborn Aging Spots
The Clarity Recovering Protein And Melanin Dissolving Technology will penetrate into the deepest skin layer and eliminate the bigger and stubborn age spots.

• Tiny Surface Spot
The N Acetyl Glocosamine will target the gathering of Melanin near the pores opening and remove them to give brighter skin appearance.

• Recurring Spots
The Anti-irritant Calming Technology will dramatically remove both irritation and the recurring spots.

The EX range is described as ‘intensive care’ whereas the Brilliant Cells brightening range is for the ‘essential care’, having 8 products altogether at this point of writing.The Skin Brightener from Estée Lauder

• Night Crème
• Full Spectrum for Cleanser
• Full Spectrum for Moisture Lotion
• Full Spectrum for Essence
• Full Spectrum for Moisture Crème
• Full Spectrum for Milky Lotion
• Full Spectrum for UV Protector SPF 50/PA+++
• Extra Intensive BB Crème for Multi Action Formula SPF 35/PA+++

    Image Right - Estée Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells BB Crème Brightener

Lighten With Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme Series - 2 of 2

I remember that when the Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme Series was first launched in 2010, before having much of a chance to recognize its potent skin lightening formula, the product packings amazed me with subtle feelings. The packings and containers were contemporary styled without grabbing much of attention, but yet the feeling of the majestic presence persisted.

Another surprising thing is that most of the lightening / brightening products even for the high end brands are having the presence of Kojic acid, MAP, Hydroquinone and Arbutin.
" Another surprising thing is that most of the lightening / brightening products even for the high end brands are having the presence of Kojic acid "
No doubt that they are effective for making your skin lighter but certain users with sensitive skins will find it harsh, but not for White Glove Extreme Series . The Kojic acid, which is also a favorite ingredients for eye creams was replaced my many cosmetics firms in Japan in year 2003 due to alleged safety issues. Look for the White Glove Extreme Skincare Brightening Spot Corrector which was launched a year later ( 2011 ) for the skin lightening effect, claimed to visibly reduce skin discoloration and dark spots. This Brightening Spot Corrector has a lightweight texture that dissolves quickly into the skin.

The Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme Series is an Asian exclusive and covers over 10 products at this point of writing:
  • Gentle Brightening Lotion
  • Brightening Pore Refining gel
  • Lighten up your skin with White Glove Extreme Series
  • Clarifying Foam Cleanser
  • Daily Moisture Brightening Cream
  • Skin Brightening Overnight Capsules
  • Brightening Eyes Moisture Cream
  • Skin Brightening Day Essence
  • Skin Perfecting Make Up Base SPF 20++ (3 types)
  • Brightening UV Protector SPF 50++
  • Skin Perfecting Powder Foundation SPF 20++ (3 shades)
    Image Right - Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme Series
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